The Average Cost Of Wedding Videography

For many couples, wedding videos provide the best way to capture and relive wedding memories. Most wedding videographers offer packages, which can be the best way to get everything you need for a discounted price. The average cost of wedding videography will vary based on length of coverage, number of cameras, and style of the edited video. There are a few key factors your wedding videographer should have when trying to find the average cost of wedding videography.

Your cinematic wedding video is such an important key of your wedding day because you can relive the those special moments of how you felt when you were getting ready; what your friends and family shared with you before you walked down the aisle. The look on his face when he saw you for the first time in your wedding dress and every word of your vows. You will relive your reception in full detail, from the decor to the dancing, toasts, bouquet and garter toss and grand exit. You only get one chance to film your wedding and need to make sure you choose the right wedding videographer. Here are a few important key elements to remember while comparing prices for your wedding videographer to make sure all those special moments are captured and what to look for when comparing the average cost of wedding videography?

1.) High Definition Equipment- When capturing such important shots of your wedding day you definitely want to hire a videographer that uses High Definition equipment compared to Standard Definition equipment. High Definition equipment is going to give your video that digital technology which produces better quality pictures and sound than a standard camera. High Definition video cameras produce pictures with much more clarity and details giving you that movie quality feel.

2.) Sample Videos- Sounds like a no brainer but going through the sample videos of possible wedding videographers will give you a great idea of how your video will be shot. You will be able to gather the creative side of the wedding videographer by watching different sample videos and how lighting, angles and special moments were captured and then turned into a story line for one of the biggest days of your life.

3.) Client Testimonials- This is a great way to find out how your wedding videographer connected with the bride and groom especially on such a stressful day. Making you feel comfortable and being unobtrusive while capturing these special moments are an extremely important factor. Client testimonials will express how the bride and groom were happy with the videography team and cinematic wedding film.

4.) Options- Having multitude of options is also an important element. Multiple cameras will give you the opportunity to see the bride, grooms, family and friends reactions during the ceremony and reception where as only one camera would not give you that option. Editing is also a major component and should be included in the services. Capturing those moments on film is pivotal but the editing is how the story comes to life. There is also same day editing which is available that should be provided as an additional option when comparing prices.

5.) Pricing – Cheaper isn’t always better. You have to remember you are paying for the quality of the film. This is a keepsake you will have for the rest of your life to always be able to look back on and relive those special moments again. Unlike most things at the wedding like the cake, decorations and flowers that will not last, the cinematic wedding video will last a lifetime. Spending extra money for better quality work, skill, equipment and going with the wedding videographer you like most of all will pay off in the long run.

Following this easy guide will help point you in the right direction when figuring out what the average cost of wedding videography. Always keep in mind you get what you pay for and cheaper isn’t always better. The wedding video will be a keep sake in your family’s life forever, be sure to choose wisely.

Wedding Checklist – For That Perfect Wedding Celebration

A wedding is the start of a couple’s happily ever after but for most brides and wedding coordinators, this can be considered the start of a long and very challenging preparation for the day. It takes months to pull off a wedding, and with this long duration of preparation, a bride may be overwhelmed with all the details that need attention.

So how do you not miss out on any of them? Use a checklist to guide you every step of the way. Checklists list activities and the timeline you need to accomplish them. And just like any other project, a wedding checklist can keep you on track so you will not be panicky but instead, be a lovely bride on your most awaited day.

Here are some sources where you can readily get wedding checklists.

Bridal Magazines – Available in newsstands and bookstores, special bridal magazines normally places a brief checklist. More importantly, bridal magazines can already direct you to suppliers where you can source for caterers, receptions halls and jewelry stores.

Wedding sites – There are a lot of websites dedicated to wedding, and while some of them specialize in one aspect alone (such as wedding gowns, bridal favors, or invitations). These sites can direct you to other wedding essentials as well. Wedding checklists in these sites are downloadable files that are user-friendly.

Bridal books – They can be found in bookstores and in certain bridal stores and they offer information not just about any wedding but almost every kind of wedding there is. From wedding themes to wedding etiquette, bridal books are a must-have for every bride.

Wedding fairs and conventions – Check out local wedding fairs and exhibits in your area. This is the single venue where planners and suppliers converge with couple preparing for their wedding. You can get special packages, special rates and promotion as well when you attend them. They normally give out wedding checklists so that if you can already settle with a supplier right then and there, you are able to already start your preparations.

Apart from wedding checklist, you can also check other wedding essentials in these places. It may seem overwhelming for one person to handle such a huge and special event. But with the right help and help persons to assist you, it will be an enjoyable wedding and most importantly, you get to enjoy and reap the benefits of your hard work during your red carpet day where you can the blushing bride everyone will admire.